Through Death Or Through Darkness– cover and updates

I finished my reading of the Through Death Or Through Darkness proof today and have made the necessary fixes. I have a bit of exciting news regarding the editing of the book. Each manuscript is read by anywhere between four and six separate people (not including myself), but there have still been errors slipping through to the point that there have been several informal reviews voicing concern about the books’ editing. As someone who is going at this author business on my own, I simply do not have the resources to afford a full time professional editor. However, I recently received a very generous offer from someone who works in the field of professional writing to proofread for me free of charge. I won’t name this individual until I find out if it is ok to do so, but I am very excited. This will be someone who is new to the work– fresh eyes in all senses– and someone who is professionally trained in writing, so I have high hopes that the next book, and hopefully future books as well, will be more up to par in terms of typographical errors (or lack thereof). I’ll be delivering the proof copy to this new reader tomorrow morning.

I’m also pleased to announce that in addition to a glossary and pronunciation guide, there will be a map of Etheria included in the appendix of the third book. There is one other feature I’m hoping will be included, but it did not print as well as I had hoped, so I’m going to try out a new image format and some altering of the image itself to see if that will make a difference. I hope so. I’ll let you know if it works out in the next proof.

Finally, the cover printed fabulously. This is the first time I’ve gotten the first proof of a book and not wanted to make changes to the colors at all. It features one of my most favorite illustrations. Oddly enough, I never created this image to be a cover, or even to go with a particular story. As it happens, I painted this image during the final days of my grandfather’s life about a year and a half ago as a distraction from the pain that was hanging over my family at the time. When I started preparing Through Death Or Through Darkness for printing, I was at a loss as to what to use for the cover. I actually painted a whole other image thinking it would serve as the cover, but once I got all the text in place, I just didn’t like it. That’s when I started scrolling through my file of artwork and this image just called to me. I imagine many of you have seen it before, but I hope you’ll enjoy it as a cover much as I do.

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