The Alkesh Series

In 2014, E. H. Kindred began working on an adult fantasy series called The Alkesh. The series is still in development, but there are plans for at least four books. The series follows a group called Alkesh Alushain— a family of humans and spirits united by love and fate— and chronicles their struggles against the forces of Darkness. The Alkesh blurs the lines between fantasy and reality, painting a universe in which humans are accompanied by spiritual entities, who engage in an invisible war against the spirits of Darkness. In this world, all humans are born with a spirit who is bound to them, but most humans are not aware of their spirit, and sometimes those spirits are corrupted to become servants of evil. You can read the prologue of the first book on The Rose of Avigdell page.

Planned books in The Alkesh series:
The Rose of Avigdell
Children of Darkness
Light of the Lost
The Dreams of Demons

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