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Anecdotes XXXII. They Followed Me Hom...

November 5th, 2014 • Avigdell  Giemm glowered through the bars of the gate at the gunslinger. Wyatt had one of his guns drawn and trained on the bird’s feathered brow. Behind the newcomer, two warmongers milled nearer the tree line, watching with bared teeth. “Where is he?” Giemm pressed. “He’s here,” Wyatt answered. “I’ve called more »

Anecdote XXX. The Fallen Emperor Flee...

March 20th, 2014 Malstefin’s massive feet slipped on the loose gravel, but he caught himself on an outcropping of rock as he scrambled up the ridge. The shrieks of the pursuing Runners echoed behind him. He had always been swift, but never had he needed to run for his life. He pushed himself to the more »

Anecdote XXVII. For Want of Saber

  November 18th, 2013 • Avigdell “I’m goin’,” Falient told Lask at breakfast. “Today.” “I knew it would not be long,” Lask replied.  A mere week ago, they had discovered Falient’s Light-given weapon was not, in fact, lost to him. Since the Library revealed its location, Falient was determined to go after it. Lask would not more »

Anecdote XXV. Falient Captured

September 10th, 2013 • The mainland across from Avigdell Moving with the speed of a bolting stag, Lask went tearing through the woods after Falient. Behind him, Wyatt’s gun made quick work of the Dark scouting party. Lask could see the flapping hem of the hunter’s black leather coat through the trees ahead of him. more »

Anecdote XV. An Audience with the Emp...

October 11th, 1858 • Kotelgrym The road to Kotelgrym was lined with the signs of conquest. For three miles before the stronghold, spikes were placed along either side of the tamped dirt, bearing the tattered flags of thousands who had fallen to the Red Devil of Spain.  Even as powerful a Demon as Velserka felt more »

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