Anecdote IXX. Belara Remembers Tiermond

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2014 • Not long after her arrival, Lask began asking Belara questions. At first, she despised him for it, but he struck a chord one day when he asked her about Falient. It was clear she had cared for the boy, so Lask inquired about her relationship with him, and the boy’s father. Belara was silent a long time, and Lask wondered if she would answer at all. “I always felt sorry for Tiermond,” she said after a while, “I like Viatrians, and he was as good as any of them. He was kind, hopeful, young, and bright when I more »

Anecdote XVII. The Corruption of Tiermond

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October 8th, 1584 • Richmond, VA “If your mind dislike anything, obey it. I will forestall their repair hither and say you are not fit.” Tiermond smiled at the sound of his vessel’s voice as he wandered the crowded theater. The Viatrian wove through the rows, trailing his fingers over the heads of the audience. They were all riveted, watching the final scenes of Hamlet  unfold on the stage of the Richmond theater. He could feel their enthusiasm buzzing through him as his vessel performed, and relished in the warmth of it. He looked toward the stage again with a more »

Anecdote XV. An Audience with the Emperor

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October 11th, 1858 • Kotelgrym The road to Kotelgrym was lined with the signs of conquest. For three miles before the stronghold, spikes were placed along either side of the tamped dirt, bearing the tattered flags of thousands who had fallen to the Red Devil of Spain.  Even as powerful a Demon as Velserka felt a certain sense of unease creep up her spine as she traveled toward the dark walls. She recognized many of the banners, had done business with many of these fallen Demons. She had yet to do business with the one who had conquered them. Kotelgrym more »