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On Book Signings

Not long after I released my first book, I started doing book signings. They are a great way to hawk your new releases, get exposure for yourself, and generate buzz for your work. However, I found there was little information about what to actually expect during them. I found plenty of resources about what to more »

Illustration Spam

Just uploaded four new illustrations. Well, ok, three illustrations and one that was just a fun costume design. Click to view larger. These have also been added to the Illustrations Gallery. I turned the costume doodle into a new header, because I quite like the colors… and wind makes everything more epic. I also upload more »

A Few Tips for Drawing Humans

I mentioned these to someone online earlier today, and I thought they might be things not a lot of people know, so I thought I’d post them here to share. Here are some ways to help you get the proper proportions when drawing human figures: —>People are almost always between 6-8 head-lengths tall. That is, more »

Skip the Boring Parts

I discussed this idea with a fellow writer not long ago and was surprised that not many people seemed to have thought of it. So, I’m posting it here for your consideration. I rarely write in a linear fashion. I’ll start into the book on page one, but it doesn’t take long before I start more »

General Comments on Novel-Writing

You have to realize that you’re not going to be in a writing mood every day, so don’t beat yourself up when that happens. My creativity tends to come in cycles, and I’ve met a number of other artists who say the same thing. When I’m on the writing side of the cycle, I hold more »

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