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Anecdote XXII. Falient Leaves Alone

July 5th, 1949 • Erumut Falient was rolling a smooth pebble back and forth between his hands. He was slouched at the stone table next to his father, listening to the Demon Epro and his allies bicker about when to make their move on a group of troublesome Luminari. Tiermond made Falient accompany him on more »

Anecdote XXI. No Love for the Dark

“But Tabo, I’m ‘ungry,” Falient pleaded, reaching for a bit of the meat on his father’s makeshift plate. “You ate earlier today,” growled Tiermond, swatting his hand away. “Some of us haven’t had anything in days.” Falient stood next to him, looking up at him with forlorn eyes. “Tabo–” he ventured again. “Don’t call me more »

Anecdote XX. A Childhood Dismembered

March 3rd, 1945 “Get in there, boy!” Tiermond’s rough hand shoved Falient back toward the leering Demon. The boy’s breath came in trembling gasps, but he dared not cry. He was already covered in bruises and cuts, but his father insisted he learn to fight. This was not the first beating he’d received in pursuit more »

Anecdote IXX. Belara Remembers Tiermo...

2014 • Not long after her arrival, Lask began asking Belara questions. At first, she despised him for it, but he struck a chord one day when he asked her about Falient. It was clear she had cared for the boy, so Lask inquired about her relationship with him, and the boy’s father. Belara was more »

Anecdote XVIII. Tiermond’s Shot...

April 14th, 1865 “And smile,” purred Tiermond, as his vessel passed the card to the usher. Booth gave a smile and nod, then watched the usher disappear into the box. His heart pounded with both nerves and excitement, sending the fog of zeal flooding into his brain. Tiermond waited with him, unseen, buzzing with anticipation. more »

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