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Anecdote XXXV. A Hall of Mirrors

Many things were said recently that struck me, making panes of reflective glass vibrate in my head. “Can we do Monday instead?” “Why do you do that?” “Nothing I say is going to matter.” “That’s toxic.” “I don’t NEED you!” “Do you think she needs hospitalization?” “I guess we should sleep.” “She’s very unusual.” “See more »

Anecdote VI. The Lies We Tell

2002 was my lowest year up to that point in my short life. I was 12, in the ruthless incarceration of 7th grade, and my peers’ bullying was at its peak. It seemed everyone was eager to take their pubescent frustrations out on me. People I had once thought were my friends left me. When more »

Anecdote V. The Boys with a Deathwish

“Nick the Prick” continued to plague me as I went through school, and was the ringleader in what seemed at times a school-wide hatred of me. By the time I reached middle school, it seemed like everyone was out to get me. I tried to have friends, but even they distanced themselves as it became more »

Anecdote IV. Why Math Stinks

I was never popular in school. Unsurprising, given my nerdy interests, my general distaste for social interaction, my different style of dressing, and the 6’3” invisible swordsman who followed me everywhere. As he had told me, no one could see him, but many seemed to know he was there. Often, I could walk down a more »

Anecdote III. The Storm at Sea (or, S...

When I was eight, a mere three weeks after I met Lask, my family went on the biggest vacation of our lives. We were never wealthy. We occasionally drove down to the bay for a few days at the waterside, but we rarely enjoyed the luxury of real travel. My father turned forty that year, more »

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