Anecdote LVIII. Into the Fire

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January 27th, 2016 The sounds of cannon fire and shouting rang across the river as the sun was rising. Moloch’s army had arrived in the night as the Train passed, and had begun their assault on Corerrofin hours before sunup. Lask had left Stefin to oversee the battlefield, and returned to Avigdell. Falient had prepared his ship, and was ready to leave, but Lask needed to wait until sunrise for the final piece of magic. He stood with Barrett on the balcony as the sun appeared in the east, the two facing the light appearing over the falls. Barrett knelt more »

Anecdote LVII. Allies in Time

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January 18th, 2016 Lask engaged the time dial on his forearm with a final click, gold magic curling around his wrist and hand, engulfing the key as he slid it into the door. He glanced at Giemm, who nodded. Lask opened the door, peering around it with cautious eyes. The door opened into a dim chamber. Lask recognized the space of the huge master bedroom of Kotelvira, but the room was back in the Dark stronghold of Kotelgrym. The grey overcast of daylight filtered through the tattered curtains, and a thick buildup of soot blackened the mantle and nearby wall. more »

Anecdote LVI. To Wind a Careful Trap

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January 26th, 2017 Giemm ventured to the outpost of Cadurapi to check on the operations. In the past six months, Stefin had seized many of his old holdings, and begun to draw continually greater numbers to his side. Word was spreading on the Dark side of the Demon who befriended a Rose and retook his empire. Word spread, too, of the plentiful food, comfortable beds, and the luxuries of life most Dark beings had never experienced. It was easy to lure lesser Dark beings to the Light with nothing more than the promise of protection, kindness, and boarding… and, of more »

Anecdote LI. The Things That Were Lost

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July 21st, 2015 • Avigdell Lask’s wings waited in the healing solution. It had taken weeks for them to regenerate in the sarcophagus Garth had constructed, but now they were full and vibrant, floating in the glowing water in the corner of the infirmary.  In the center of the room was a table, where preparations were happening. Lask lay on the table, and Falient was trying to make him as comfortable as possible. Elanor had taken the day off work and laid down in the dark at home, so as to clearly project herself to perch on a stool by more »

Anecdote XLVIII. Zestir Meets Big Red Karma

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June 23rd, 2015 Stefin’s army marched through the doorways the officers had drawn in streamlined precision. Stefin and Giemm watched their progress as the dozen soldiers beside them readied the Light explosive Kieran had built. Once through the door, Giemm would remain with the device and oversee the field. As they waited for the army to cross through, Giemm murmured, “Don’t get yourself killed, mi senierro.” “I won’t,” Stefin growled. “You’d better not either.” Giemm gave him an affectionate peck, then noted the officer’s signal at the nearest door. “Come on,” said Stefin. The soldiers behind them braced themselves against more »

Anecdote XLVII. To Steal a Titan

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June 22nd, 2015 When it was time to put their plans into motion, Lask assembled nine children in his territory of Verica to help them prepare the prison for Zestir’s Titan: Daia, Jericho, Alannis, Cora, Max, Noreen, Thessula, Cressida, and Quinn. Falient’s daughter Cressida was a Reader, like Jackie, but one of the spirit kind, and her magic worked differently. Lask had brought supplies from his magical stores, and tasked the children with making Light water, and preparing various herbs to be mixed in it. He had the Serpent girl Thessula draw a web of patterns in the dust outside more »

Anecdotes XXXII. They Followed Me Home

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November 5th, 2014 • Avigdell  Giemm glowered through the bars of the gate at the gunslinger. Wyatt had one of his guns drawn and trained on the bird’s feathered brow. Behind the newcomer, two warmongers milled nearer the tree line, watching with bared teeth. “Where is he?” Giemm pressed. “He’s here,” Wyatt answered. “I’ve called for Lask. He’ll decide what to do with you. Don’t know about lettin’ in Demon cronies.” “Crony!” Giemm squawked, hackles bristling. “I am his Key Keeper, his right hand–” “Can it, Feathers,” growled Wyatt, hand staying toward his other gun. “Don’t shoot him!” bellowed a more »