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Anecdotes XXXII. They Followed Me Hom...

November 5th, 2014 • Avigdell  Giemm glowered through the bars of the gate at the gunslinger. Wyatt had one of his guns drawn and trained on the bird’s feathered brow. Behind the newcomer, two warmongers milled nearer the tree line, watching with bared teeth. “Where is he?” Giemm pressed. “He’s here,” Wyatt answered. “I’ve called more »

Anecdote XXIX. Kotelgrym Falls (Again...

March 19, 2014 • Kotelgrym Giemm had just trudged out into the courtyard when the shouting began on the ramparts. The sun was not quite below the horizon yet. Giemm ruffled his feathers, rousing himself, and went to see what the commotion was. “Key Keeper! Wake the senierro!” the guards were shouting. Giemm trotted up more »

Anecdote XVI. Falient the Upstart

November 11th, 1954 Malstefin was in his work room, looking over the numbers and reports Giemm had brought him at sundown. The Demon scratched the base of his right horn, giving a disapproving rumble. It was going to be a long winter. He glanced toward the window at the sound of a few Warmonger growls more »

Anecdote XV. An Audience with the Emp...

October 11th, 1858 • Kotelgrym The road to Kotelgrym was lined with the signs of conquest. For three miles before the stronghold, spikes were placed along either side of the tamped dirt, bearing the tattered flags of thousands who had fallen to the Red Devil of Spain.  Even as powerful a Demon as Velserka felt more »

Anecdote XIV. Keeper of the Keys

April 8th, 1702 • Kotelgrym Malstefin had taken up wearing an eye patch again, something he had not done in decades. Before, the swelling had gotten too large and painful to bear the pressure of a patch and strap. In the weeks since Giemm had removed the splinter, the swelling had gone down enough he more »

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