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Anecdote XXXIV. Just a Dream

August 1st, 2016  It was dark as an inkwell when I woke to the sound of labored breathing. Something struggled nearby, shaking my bed. As I came to, I realized it was Lask beside me. He was asleep on his side with his bare back to me, twitching and tensing in his sleep. A low, more »

Anecdote XXXIII. I Am a Rock… I...

I was 14 going on 15 when October came. October is always a magical time of year, when all the world turns to blazing red and gold, as if the Lion of Winter roars in the distance, and all the trees suit up to meet him. In the Fall of 2014, I asked Lask an more »

Anecdote XXIII. Kotora Eler Grymor

September 28th, 1610 Malstefin’s growl sounded more like a wheeze as he tugged fruitlessly at the chains. He glowered at the manacles, and the bloody chafed skin under them. It was the one hundred and twenty-first day of his captivity in Jessair’s dungeon, assuming he’d been keeping a correct count. The Luminor seemed to return more »

Anecdote XXII. Falient Leaves Alone

July 5th, 1949 • Erumut Falient was rolling a smooth pebble back and forth between his hands. He was slouched at the stone table next to his father, listening to the Demon Epro and his allies bicker about when to make their move on a group of troublesome Luminari. Tiermond made Falient accompany him on more »

Anecdote XXI. No Love for the Dark

“But Tabo, I’m ‘ungry,” Falient pleaded, reaching for a bit of the meat on his father’s makeshift plate. “You ate earlier today,” growled Tiermond, swatting his hand away. “Some of us haven’t had anything in days.” Falient stood next to him, looking up at him with forlorn eyes. “Tabo–” he ventured again. “Don’t call me more »

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