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Anecdote XXXVI. A Flash of Red (or a ...

Scarlet eyes. That’s the first thing that struck me about Lask. It’s the first thing most people notice. They’re hard to miss; striking, piercing, simultaneously warm and deadly. Over the years, I haven’t been the only one who has seen them. Sometimes, it’s the eyes themselves. Other times, people register him as a flash of more »

Anecdote XXXIV. Just a Dream

August 1st, 2016  It was dark as an inkwell when I woke to the sound of labored breathing. Something struggled nearby, shaking my bed. As I came to, I realized it was Lask beside me. He was asleep on his side with his bare back to me, twitching and tensing in his sleep. A low, more »

Anecdote XXXIII. I Am a Rock… I...

I was 14 going on 15 when October came. October is always a magical time of year, when all the world turns to blazing red and gold, as if the Lion of Winter roars in the distance, and all the trees suit up to meet him. In the Fall of 2014, I asked Lask an more »

Anecdote XI. Holy (Rocky) Ground

Just after my 14th birthday, my mother and I joined a university group on a trip to Scotland. Lucked into it, really, by fundraising, and who knows what else. I was 14. I didn’t know how I was getting there, I was just excited. Lask was excited too. We talked about the trip for months more »

Anecdote IX. There But By the Grace o...

Lask lounged in the back seat of Elanor’s Amanti, his deep purple cape spilling over the edge of the seat and pooling in the floorboard. They were on their way to Richmond to see Celtic Woman later that evening. Elanor had the radio on, and was singing along to Bright as it played. Jackie was more »

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