Writing and the Creative Lens

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Below is the transcript of a talk I gave at England Run Library on April 12, 2015. You can download the accompanying slides here. — Hello, my name is Elanor Hope Kindred, otherwise known as E. H. Kindred, author of The Seven Wars series, artist, and graphic designer. When I agreed to do this presentation, I’d originally thought I would give you all the usual shpeel about writing, polishing your work, researching publishing options, marketing yourself… but I’ve talked about that a lot in the past few years. My first book came out in 2012, and since then, I’ve given more »

Through Death Or Through Darkness– cover and updates

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I finished my reading of the Through Death Or Through Darkness proof today and have made the necessary fixes. I have a bit of exciting news regarding the editing of the book. Each manuscript is read by anywhere between four and six separate people (not including myself), but there have still been errors slipping through to the point that there have been several informal reviews voicing concern about the books’ editing. As someone who is going at this author business on my own, I simply do not have the resources to afford a full time professional editor. However, I recently more »

Bound By Blood Updates

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I finished typesetting Bound By Blood today and worked on the cover. Here’s the cover as it stands right now: I plan on uploading the first chapter for you all to read when my proof copy arrives, which– provided I don’t have a whole lot of trouble meeting Amazon’s submission requirements– will probably be a week and a half or two weeks from now. In the meantime, I’ve created the page for the book where you can find the synopsis.

Four Down, Three to Go

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I am currently in the process of re-writing the main series of my fantasy novels, a series of seven. I have just recently completed the re-write of the fourth book, putting me over halfway through the series. I’ve attempted to re-write individual books before, but back in October I made the decision to completely re-write the first set of my novels, and thus far have made very good progress. I’m already about 3,000 words into the re-write of the fifth book. Some reasons why re-writing is a good thing: It helps me refine my plot, theme, and the overall effect more »