Anecdote LVIII. Into the Fire

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January 27th, 2016 The sounds of cannon fire and shouting rang across the river as the sun was rising. Moloch’s army had arrived in the night as the Train passed, and had begun their assault on Corerrofin hours before sunup. Lask had left Stefin to oversee the battlefield, and returned to Avigdell. Falient had prepared his ship, and was ready to leave, but Lask needed to wait until sunrise for the final piece of magic. He stood with Barrett on the balcony as the sun appeared in the east, the two facing the light appearing over the falls. Barrett knelt more »

Anecdote LIV. Never Leave a Man Behind

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September 3rd, 2015 Lask landed on Falient’s ship, near the helm where the captain waited. “Time to go,” Lask said, voice grim. He had been observing the chaos from the watch tower. “The place is nearly overrun.” Falient gave an affirmative, and Lask went to where Quinn was helping Wyatt and Ivan double-check the supplies. Ivan was loading the machine with canisters of medicine and magic. It was no easy feat to keep a spirit alive after the vessel’s death, so Lask had called in an expert, one who had survived himself. “Ready?” asked Lask. Ivan nodded. “Everything’s here.” Falient more »

Anecdote LIII. Fall of the Unknown Soldier

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Lask watches people. It’s what he does. His life’s greatest work is the watchtower, and he spends long hours moving its lenses to observe both his friends and his enemies. His ability to peer through time and space is what has no doubt kept him and his family alive, and allowed him the necessary edge to win when it counts. While a few individuals have been trained to operate the tower for recon and safety, no one knows how to use it like Lask, and no one knows exactly what Lask sees. Regardless, it was obvious he watched Barrett. Perhaps more »

Anecdote XLI. Quinn’s Birthday

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September 9th, 2014 The table was hard, and the air was stale. The boy blinked as the flash of light receded, finding a hulking Demon leaning over him, though the boy had no knowledge of Demons then. The creature was a faded grey-green color, with spots along his shoulders and broad chest, black hair and a pointed beard. Black horns curved above his head, and he watched the boy with dark eyes. “Hi, kid,” said the Demon. “My name is Barrett Thomas Martin. I’m one of your fathers. I don’t normally look like this. The Demon I look like now, more »

Anecdote XL. The Secret Agent

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Barrett knew who we were long before Jackie found her way into his dealings. He had been watching Lask and the alkesh for some time. One night, Jackie dreamed her way into a place where there was a gathering of Demons. She listened as bearded green Demon spoke of insidious plans, and warned about one called Moloch, until she was outed by a barking black dog. She managed to flee and wake before she was caught. Several days later, Lask received a rather cross message from a Demon named Barezo, who asked that we kindly stay out of his business. more »

Anecdote XXXIX. Into Enemy Hands

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August 26th, 2014 • Avigdell Lask waited in his study. For a while, his restless feet had carried him pacing back and forth along the length of the room, his eyes sweeping the gardens outside, the edge of the island, and the falls beyond, but he eventually sat down in the chair at his desk. He waited, still as stone, breathing slowly. His fingers drumming on the armrest were the only things that betrayed his nerves. He had known it was coming, and felt it happening: the storm raging through Larea, the howls of the Runners and the screams of more »