Anecdote XXV. Falient Captured

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September 10th, 2013 • The mainland across from Avigdell Moving with the speed of a bolting stag, Lask went tearing through the woods after Falient. Behind him, Wyatt’s gun made quick work of the Dark scouting party. Lask could see the flapping hem of the hunter’s black leather coat through the trees ahead of him. Lask’s long legs sent him flying over the forest floor, and his sword sent bark spraying as he vaulted over a fallen tree. He circled out wide, keeping the sprinting shape of Falient in his peripheral vision, then darted to the left, losing sight of more »


The Halls of the Wind [poetry]

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I see you in the sunlight laughing behind the leaves casting everything golden. I see you in the color of the sky in the early October morning; pale, crisp, bespeaking wind and distant storms above blazing trees. I hear you in the river and the laughter of strangers. My eyes search the crowd but never find your face. My hand reaches through the darkness, but never finds yours. It is like you stand always behind me, just out of sight and reach. I can feel your eyes on my back, but when I turn, you turn keeping always out of more »