New Photography

New photos added to my portfolio, including a teaser of my CRRL-Con costume. Come see me in full costume for a live art demo May 14, 1:00-4:00.

Life After Crazy – I. Emergency

Back in February, I went crazy. Mad, bonkers, off my rocker. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised. It seems like all writers are crazy in one way or another. How else would we be able to bridge the gap between mundane life and the vast expanse of the artful imagination? You can’t be more »

Notes of the Day VI-X [Poetry]

VI. What do we do with an entire life? What a vast ocean of time In which to do nothing. And what a glorious revelation To know that nothing is at the core Of all our ambitions. VII. The voice of God Is in the creaking wicker Of a porch swing swaying in the wind more »

Spring Appearances

I will be attending two events in Fredericksburg, VA this spring, and have an art show coming soon: March 19 11:00-12:00 I will be giving a lecture at the Barbara Hicks Geslock Women’s Forum, hosted at James Monroe High School. My talk will be similar to the lecture I gave last year, “Writing and the more »

Notes of the Day I-V [poetry]

[Notes of the Day are short poems or a few poetic lines, kept together in a single ongoing poetry document.] I. The most real things are the most unseen, they swirl and eddy in little small laughs, for anyone who has seen leaves swirl in a courtyard will never say the wind is not real. more »

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