One Week to Go!

Just one week left until the release of book five, The Court of the Hydra King! I have uploaded the first two chapters for free reading on the book’s page.

We’re back!

Hi folks, I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. I certainly did! I’m happy to announce that my hiatus is over and you can look for book five, The Court Of The Hydra King in March 2014. I submitted the files to Amazon for review this afternoon and will be ordering the first proof more »

Some Updates

Hello everyone! I realize an update here is long overdue, and I apologize. I have some good news, and some bad news. Unfortunately, I think it is all good news for me, and all bad news for you. The good news is that there have been lots of changes in my life in the past more »

The Mirror of Dùmsaro release!

Good morning, all! Book four of The Seven Wars, The Mirror of Dùmsaro is now available in paperback and kindle edition! The kindle edition is currently at a special promotion price of 99 cents! Enjoy!

Book Four Trailer

I’ve posted the trailer for The Mirror of Dùmsaro up on Youtube. You can view it below, and on the book’s page. Unlike previous trailers, this one contains a poem written in Aetherian, which foreshadows events in this book, and the following one. I’ve posted the poem and its translation here, and on the Aetherian more »

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