Notes of the Day XI-XV [Poetry]

The little boy in the shark fin hat
Stalks through the shelves at the library
Hunting for stories instead of minnows
And gulping down trivia whole.

Tamara cries when you bring her a brownie,
A corner piece, just like she likes them,
Because she thought nobody ever noticed.

The old man at the copy machine
Bellows and curses the staff as incompetent.
He just doesn’t want to say
He’s alone in world that’s no longer his own.

People are scared of beauty
Because it means God is real.
So they ignore the flute player in the corner
Or complain to the management that she is intrusive
Because no one likes to think
That beauty is realer than they are.

There are some people who can’t stand silence
So they talk all the time,
When really they’re just afraid
Of what they’ll hear in their own head.

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