New Page and Social Media

I added a page for the Ancient Etherian language today. It’s up there on the header bar. You can find the font and current dictionary available for free download there. You can use it for your personal use however you like, I just ask that you don’t claim it as your own or try to make money off of it. If you’re going to post something with it online, I’d appreciate credit and a link back to my site, although naturally I can’t really enforce that since the internet is such a big place. Just be decent about it. That’s really all I ask.

If you’re a language nerd like me or just have suggestions for improvements or ideas for further expansion of the dictionary, by all means contact me! It is an on-going project.

Also, I am growing my social media empire network. You can find the links to my current pages on the sidebar, way down on the footer, and I’ll paste them in this post too for your easy reference. If you have accounts on these sites and enjoy my work, please add me to help my work gain more exposure. Many thanks.


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