I am a form of spiritual medium. Since my birth, I have had the ability to see, hear, and otherwise sense ghosts and spiritual entities. Before you start contacting me about a seance to talk to your dead relatives, allow me to explain:

I don’t have the ability to summon ghosts on demand, only sense them and occasionally talk to them if they are around. I know ways to make environments “ghost-friendly” and increase the chances of a visit, but I cannot summon passed individuals or carry on conversations with them in the way I would with a living person. On the flip side, however, I can help you rid an environment of unfriendly ghosts, or help you coexist more peacefully with them.

My primary specialty lies in non-human entities– spirits both Light and Dark. I am an expert at banishing Dark spirits, cleansing environments, and setting up spiritual protection around homes and individuals. I am capable of channeling, but this is a dangerous business, which I only undertake with spirits I trust. The spirit I channel most often is Lask (aka Alastair). While channeling, the spirit is able to take control of my body, and act through me in the human world. That is, if you want to talk to Lask, I can arrange that. Similarly, I can help individuals make contact with their own spirits, and provide insights for how to safely interact with spirits and their world. I am capable of dream-walking– visiting other places/planes of being, meeting with spirits, or occasionally other humans in my sleep. My control over this varies, but I am learning to direct the ability.

I do not claim to have magic powers. I do not claim to have some magical insight into the other side. I am not a witch or shaman. I am simply capable (in my perception) of sensing and interacting with spiritual entities, and using that ability to help myself and others. Mediumship services I provide include:

If you need assistance, or would like to know more, please contact me.