Anecdote IXX. Belara Remembers Tiermond

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2014 • Not long after her arrival, Lask began asking Belara questions. At first, she despised him for it, but he struck a chord one day when he asked her about Falient. It was clear she had cared for the boy, so Lask inquired about her relationship with him, and the boy’s father. Belara was silent a long time, and Lask wondered if she would answer at all. “I always felt sorry for Tiermond,” she said after a while, “I like Viatrians, and he was as good as any of them. He was kind, hopeful, young, and bright when I more »


Finished drafts, and a wedding!

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Hello, friends! What an exciting autumn it was! I do apologize for the lack of updates recently. I got married at the end of October, so was very busy with planning for a while, and had a number of large projects on my plate at the library. Things are calming down now, so I’m looking forward to getting back into more regular updates. Fortunately, progress on the Alkesh series has not slowed. The manuscript of the first book is complete and in the hands of beta readers as we speak. I’m making good progress on the draft of the second book, more »