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It’s 1:04 AM on the First Day of Spring. I’m Awake. Do you know Why? I’m cataloging my Mistakes. Like… why do I have all these funny linebreaks? Why did my WordPress editor just Underline “linebreaks” and make me think I spelled it wrong, and then subsequently underlined it’s own goddamn name? Why is all more »

The Dynamic Muse [A Final Thesis]

The Dynamic Muse The Literary and Spiritual Personification of Creativity There have always been unseen forces that influence and inspire the lives of Men, forces that are as mysterious as they are powerful. The Ancient Greeks explained and personified these creative forces in a variety of contexts, and while these explanations have distinct manifestations in more »

Women in the Middle Ages

The medieval woman is caught between two conflicting ideals. On the one hand, she is Eve, the temptress and corrupter of men; a position that sometimes disempowers her and places her as the victim of men’s power struggles, and other times gives her a dark power over her male counterparts. On the other side, she more »

Theories of Medieval Dreaming

During the medieval age, dreaming held a wide range of significance and varying interpretations. For some individuals, it held very little importance, while for others, it was an avenue to discovering the will of God. In literature of the time, the dream vision provided a way for writers to explore fantastical and allegorical themes with more »

The Medieval Hero

The medieval notion of the hero changes drastically from that of the classical period. Up until this time, the hero had been a hard, nigh unstoppable force, out for personal gain and glory. Achilles springs to mind, the fearless Greek hero who fought for the Achaeans at the siege of Troy, whose greatest motivation was more »

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