The Immortal

When the griffin Galator flees to Earth after his failed rebellion, the Lord Protector of Etheria, Lask Somadar, must go after him before the griffin can share the secrets of Immortality and ignite a war between Earth and Etheria. However, what was meant to be a quick and covert mission quickly complicates when Lask encounters Myranda, a refugee from Galator’s swath of destruction. Lask soon finds that it is not only his kingdom at stake, but his heart as well.

The book was released on July 7th, 2012 and is available in trade paperback and ebook format from

The illustrations were done in 2010. You can also view them on the collective illustrations page.


Immortal Names– 0:38
Mortal Names– 1:51
Immortal Places– 2:26
Mortal Places– 2:45
Other Words– 3:00
Aetherian Phrases– 3:22

The first chapter is available for free reading below. You can also click here to download it.

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