Bound By Blood

When Salazar, young heir of Lask Somadar, kills a captain in the mortal kingdoms, it could spell the start of dangerous relations between Earth and Etheria. Lask, acting ambassador to Earth, consents for the mortals to exile his son for seven years in order to keep peace. Angry at his father, Salazar is sent to live in the wilderness of the Kwynnish Forest, where he is soon taken in by the Warauls, who guard the Gate to Etheria. Salazar quickly learns the enormity of what it means to be the heir of the Somadar, and comes to realize that the Guardians have problems of their own.

Seraphious, a waraul, began his mutiny out of a desire to return to Etheria, but in a struggle that has spanned centuries, old grudges have festered into hatred. Salazar finds himself caught in the midst of an ancient feud, played out on the threshold of the Immortal world. Against this bloodstained backdrop, Salazar learns the truth of his heritage, witnesses magic as old as the world, and finds the first kindling of love in an unexpected place.

This book was released on October 7th, 2012. You can purchase it from Amazon in trade paperback and Kindle edition.

The illustrations were done in 2010. You can also view them on the collective illustrations page.


The first chapter is available for free reading below. You can also click here to download it.

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