Aetherian Language

Aetherian, also called Ancient Etherian, is the original language spoken in Etheria. It began to fall out of use in the Second Age, and by the time most of The Somadàrsath takes place, it is used only for ceremonies and magic. Below you can see the glyphs of the language. If you would like to download the font for your own use, you may click the link below.

Click here to download the Aetherian True Type Font.

You can find grammatical notes and vocabulary in the PDF below. You can also download the PDF by clicking here. (Right click, “Save Target As” if you would like to save a copy to your hard drive)

The trailer for The Mirror of Dùmsaro features an Aetherian poem, which offers an example of the language in action, albeit in poetic style, which can be syntactically looser than standard prose.

Ìaton athénio
velisòn nùnbraelò antoriò
Ké morthanén al mesér
somterraenàm navadbòn
En maluth elopathò
athénio ad vantò
En tempadon
velostorò dukel ìaton.

Broth ìtagobòn esean,
kovel astrìn hypanthòn,
Ìatal unu caditbòn
ad vesdarén unoculòn
En lustriel volaribòn
exo velstiòan celauno alaskré
Ké petrùum elìacthus
en cerìn canse.

Fasete ad nemasaem,
fasete ad lumiòn,
Cansete cùl cadénì
en karsete cùl sòlén.
Balete cùl iliùsaen
veàn portòan exo
En peténete volaròn
de unahorr utha.

Now come the days
of the shadows of old
When the dead shall tread
over our great land
And the curse of the ages
comes back to the fore
And the time of the reckoning
comes to hand.

Here shall they march,
those stars of the flag.
Yet one shall fall
to the one-eyed king.
And the sparks will fly
from the hawk’s black wings
When the knife is thrown
and the arrows sing.

Rush to the memories,
rush to the light,
Sing for the fallen ones
and fight for the sun,
Brace for the fires
that pour from the Gate
And look to the flight
of the brave silver one.

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    1. Hi, Clint!

      I’m sorry about the problems you had with the download. Looks like the file path changed when some directories were switched over and the download URL didn’t update. I’ve fixed the problem, and the download should be working again. Let me know if you have any more trouble!

      Also, good to meet another font collector! I love typefaces of all sorts.

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