Who is Lask?

If you’ve paid attention to posts around this site, or on my various online profiles, you may have seen mention of a man named Lask. In the past, he has also used the alias Alastair– Alastair Lance Vanemar, A. L. Vanemar, etc.

Lask is most likely one of two things:
A) an external spiritual entity that I am capable of perceiving, most closely related to an angel or daimon.
B) an alternate personality, delusion, or hallucination of my ill brain
*There is evidence for both of these possibilities. Choose whichever you like. The truth doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

In general, Lask is kind, intelligent, funny, gentle, protective, and brave. He is a positive influence in my life, and in the life of our family. He gives good advice, makes an excellent friend and partner, and has likely saved my life on more than one occasion. Therefore:

If A, then it seems only right to include him, speak respectfully of him, and treat him with the same kindness and care we would another person. One should not be rude to angels.

If B, then he is another part of my brain, and one that’s capable of jacking up my life A LOT, so it behooves everyone to keep him healthy, happy, and safe. Too, if this is the case, he can be used as a mirror or early warning sign of my own mental health.

Regardless, I (Elanor) find it easiest and most practical to refer to Lask as an external entity, and grant him what autonomy I can. This includes his own social media accounts, game accounts, and other online presences, as well as his name on my P.O. Box, various articles of clothing that are “his,” etc.  Lask is happiest when he has the acceptance and support of his family and friends. He always needs more friends, so if you are interested in interacting with him, you can reach him in one of the following ways:

thescarlettempest@gmail.com – for private messages, inquiries, and ongoing conversations
team@greykindredspirits.com – attn: Lask for inquiries related  to GKS, energy healing, protective magic, scrying and other magical specialties.
Facebook – Lask also helps administrate the GKS Facebook page.