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Use the contact form below to send me comments or inquiries. I would love to hear from you!

Talks, Classroom Visits, and Other Events:
I’ve given talks about writing, art, and design at both educational and business venues. If you are interested in scheduling me for an appearance, please send me your event proposal. If inviting me to a venue more than 60 miles outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia, you will be responsible for my travel costs unless otherwise agreed upon.

If you are a librarian considering adding my book(s) to your collection, I will be happy to donate up to three copies of one book to your library or one copy per branch of your library system. Depending on your location, I may be available for book-signings and other events. If you are interested in adding more copies of my book(s), I will be happy to provide them to you at cost.

If you are a bookseller wishing to stock my book(s), please contact me to find out if I can provide you with copies at a lower cost than Depending on your location, I may be available to sign your copies, or come to your store for book-signing events.

Graphic Design and Illustration:
If you are interested in commissioning me for freelance illustrating or graphic design work, please include your turnaround time when sending me your inquiry.

Snail mail inquiries and fan mail can be sent to:
E. H. Kindred
P.O. Box 6405
Fredericksburg, VA 22403

You may also send books to be signed to the address above, but you must include return postage!

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