I’m a writer. I write things. Duh. That’s probably why you’re here. When I was younger, I had time to write a lot, and write things cohesively into linear manuscripts, be diligent about editing– all that exuberant young writer jazz. Here’s the thing: ain’t nobody got time for that right now, but that doesn’t stop me from writing. Wanna know something else? I’ve finally embraced that tired catechism of: “write what you know.” Here’s the catch: what I know may or may not be real.

I have mental health issues. Nobody’s sure what they are, but here are the facts so far:

• I have anxiety
• I have depression
• I have been in the Emergency Room twice for losing my mind (diagnosis: psychosis!)
Lask is my spirit. He is a real presence in my head, and/or maybe an outside spiritual entity
• It’s an adventure, and kinda fun sometimes

My connection to spirits has always influenced my writing, and Lask continues to inspire my work. I have a series of seven YA Fantasy books in print, The Seven Wars, and have more recently been writing online Anecdotes for adults, which detail my contact with the spirit world, and Lask’s adventures therein. I am also an artist and photographer, and work as a graphic designer to pay the bills. I live in Virginia with my wife and our menagerie of pets. I graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a B.A. in English with a concentration in Medieval Literature. Prior to my transfer there, I had completed minors in History, and Latin/Classics at Christopher Newport University.

I call myself a medium, but before you start contacting me about getting in touch with your dead relatives, allow me to clarify: I have, since birth, been able to sense spiritual entities. Some of these are ghosts, visiting souls of humans deceased. Other entities are not– others were never human, and have only ever existed as energy, either as Light or Darkness. The ways I sense these spirits vary, and some I can communicate with more readily than others. This “sense” also gives me a knack for interpreting dreams, reading tarot cards and runestones, and inviting or banishing spirits. I’ll be happy to discuss details with you if you’re interested. If you don’t believe in those things, write it off as a symptom of my Issues, and enjoy the fiction.