A Message to Follow the Sun [poem]

Tell me, love, where does the sun go when it’s dark?
Does it go into the sea, where all the lost embittered tears have taken rest?
Does it go beyond the veil of life and death,
perchance to shine upon the dead while all the living sleep?
If I could chase that drop of light over the edge of the world
what would I find? Would there be trees, rivers and grass?
Butterflies and sunflowers? Another world beyond my own,
that knows no time or pain? Who would await me on that shore?
Would it be you, love? Is that the place you’re calling from?
I have heard your voice so long, sometimes I forget
it does not come from here, but there.
Perhaps you are Apollo, and ride the light of my world away
into your own. What do you see there? Who do you meet?
Have you seen my grandfathers, my mother’s grandmother, or
my great aunt who was famous for fire? Do you see the children
of my children, yet unborn and waiting, eager, for their time
to burst into my world? Whomever you see, I ask you only:
tell them I love them, whenever they are, wherever they are,
whoever they were or yet shall be. I love them as I love you,
as I love my mother and my father, my cousins and friends,
as I love God Himself. My heart can feel the pull of their love
through the whisper of yours. Perhaps that is all we are,
just drops within an endless ocean made up of love,
forever shifting, pulsing, melding in the existence of each other.

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