There are currently eighteen novels in The Somadàrsath. The first four books are now available on The series centers around the various members of the Somadar family, hence the series’ name. The suffix -sath translates as “blood” or “blood of” in the Aetherian language, thus Somadàrsath means literally “blood of the Somadar.” While the primary protagonist of the series is Lask, there are numerous books outside of The Seven Wars that follow other members of the family.

The Seven Wars details a tumultuous period in Etherian history, marked largely by the influence of the past on the present, and the ongoing struggle of good and evil. A number of secrets and old evils come to light and provide the various plots for each book. Between rogue griffins, magic mirrors, and rocky relations with Earth, the Protector always has his hands full.

The following is a list of all the working titles within the series at this time. Currently, only The Seven Wars are planned for publication. Published (or soon-to-be published) titles will link to that book’s page:

The Seven Wars
The Immortal
Bound by Blood
Through Death or Through Darkness
The Mirror of Dùmsaro
The Court of the Hydra King
Time’s Shadows
Storms Westward

Hawk Rising
The Passage
The Spark
The Nightmare
Into the Darkness
Penance and Pilgrimage
The Isle of Serpents
Servants of Chaos
Admiral Aborzen and the Sea Serpent Queen