New Illustrations

I have added several new pieces to the Alkesh Illustrations page.

Merry Christmas!

 I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, and that no matter where you may be, you find just a little bit of joy and light.  

Photography Updates

I’ve added about twenty new photos to my photography portfolio, located under the Art menu. I do offer freelance photography! Contact me for details.

Finished drafts, and a wedding!

Hello, friends! What an exciting autumn it was! I do apologize for the lack of updates recently. I got married at the end of October, so was very busy with planning for a while, and had a number of large projects on my plate at the library. Things are calming down now, so I’m looking forward more »

Sunday [poem]

We walked among the trees together, hand in hand, in slow synchronized steps. The trunks rose like columns in some ancient temple and the leaves glittered and shone with gilded edges. These are your trees, and you know them as well as your own children. You know the paths among them well enough to walk more »

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